What is a DNS SPF record?

The SPF uses TXT DNS records called SPF records. The purpose of the SPF record is to provide the information showing which mail servers are authorized to send emails on behalf of the domain name.

It can also be used in a negative way, and the DNS administrator could also stop the authorization with the simple addition of “-all” at the end of the SPF record. SPF record – example and elements

Why do you need a TXT record?

You will need TXT records for verification purposes, mostly related to sending and receiving emails. Without well-configured TXT records, your emails will be sent to spam folders, and you won’t be able to have secure communication. If you want to be sure and give the best chances to your emails, you will need to use various TXT records together to verify and authenticate your outgoing mail servers, link the emails to the domain name, and be sure everything is well encrypted. Learn more about the TXT record!

What is the Host command?

The Host command is a built-in utility software with a command-line interface that you can find on Linux or macOS and serves for network diagnostics. The most common use of Host command is to perform DNS lookups and find different information about a domain name and its DNS records. Host command syntax!